What is

Ecogenics Project One
Lake Okeechobee, Florida

The 4 Basic Principles of Ecogenics


Ecocycles are the various self-regulating processes that recycle Earth’s limited resources such as water, oxygen, carbon and other elements that are essential to sustain life.

Mother Nature's LAWS

Mother Nature uses Land, Air and Water to recycle Earth’s limited resources. The only external element She uses is Sunlight. We call these Mother Nature's LAWS.


Ecogenics restores balance to Earth's ecocycles which improves the natural environment and helps sustain life.


Ecocide causes an imbalance or interruption of Earth's ecocycles which destroys the natural environment and life.



In the late 1970’s NASA discovered Water Hyacinth’s natural ability to clean water. Researchers discovered that water hyacinths thrive on sewage by absorbing and digesting nutrients and minerals from wastewater. Source

Water Hyacinths contain the same key nutrients used in chemical fertilizers, namely Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Water Hyacinths are one of the many aquatic weeds that plague our waterways. The current solutions to the “weed problem” is spraying them with poisons or mechanically harvesting them, where they are then taken to landfill or left to rot on the side of the bank.

Nutrient dense Water Hyacinths are often sprayed
with poisonous chemicals.

Nutrient dense aquatic weeds are removed, juiced and applied to the depleted land as a soil amendment.

The Ecogenic Solution

Instead of fighting Mother Nature, let's apply the principles of Ecogenics and help restore Her ecocycles.

Let's turn the nutrient dense aquatic weeds into a soil amendment (Ecogenic Juice) and apply it to the land.

Let's help Mother Nature heal.


Phase 1 - Design

  • Design a process to turn aquatic weeds into a juice that can be easily applied to land. DONE

  • Develop a viable way to harvest, juice and apply aquatic weeds DONE

  • Create a name for this brand new concept (Ecogenics - restoring balance to Earth’s Ecocycles). DONE

GreenMach One Blueprint

Phase 2 - Proof of Concept

  • Secure first Government contract to harvest and process aquatic weeds at Lake Okeechobee, Florida. (Ecogenic Aquatic Weed Harvesting) DONE See ITB

  • Build the first Ecogenic Juicer - The GreenMach™ One. DONE

  • Provide proof that aquatic weeds can be harvested, juiced, and used as a soil amendment (Ecogenic Juice) DONE See video 👉

  • Provide proof that Ecogenic Juice is a phosphorus dense soil amendment. DONE See lab report.

  • Distribute Ecogenic Juice on land and test results 🔁 IN PROGRESS

  • Complete the harvesting and processing of Project One - 35 acres at Lake Okeechobee, FL 🔁 IN PROGRESS

  • Provide proof that Ecogenic Juice improves soil quality. 🔁 IN PROGRESS

Proof of Concept - The GreenMach™ One

Phase 3 - Create a Movement

  • Create Ecogenics NFT Membership, whereby members can participate in and benefit from the Ecogenic Movement. 🔁 IN PROGRESS link

  • Spread the word, get more support and build the Movement.

Become part of the Ecogenic Movement and secure your NFT today.

Phase 4 - Ecogenic Land

  • Establish Ecogenic Aquatic Weed Harvesting on a larger scale, secure more Government Contracts.

  • Acquire depleted low value land.

  • Improve the land soil quality through distribution of Ecogenic Juice.

  • Generate income from the land by growing hay and raising cattle.

  • Certify the land Organic.

  • Produce organic grass fed dairy and beef, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

  • Share rewards from the Ecogenic Land with Members.

Ecogenic Land restores balance to Mother Nature.

Phase 5 - Continuous Innovation

  • Continue to innovate, applying the principles of Ecogenics to water, farming and energy.

  • Continue to build the Ecogenic Movement and reward our loyal members.

Continue to innovate, applying the principles of Ecogenics to water, farming and energy.


... so far 😉


Membership NTF Coming Soon